Jesus walks on the water

February 6, 2022

Jesus Walks on the Water

John 6:16-21

Introduction: The Next Day

John 6:26

John 6:66-67

Why did Peter respond the way he did when many people were leaving Jesus?

Mark: Making headway

Other explanations for Jesus walking on the water:


Around? (Matthew 14:25 and John 6:19)

Signs — pointers to a great reality 

Matthew 14:22

Mountain: symbol of a place of  

Picture of Jesus praying for (interceeding) the disciples as they were in the midst of a great trial

This story is about from start to finish

Jesus the disciples to go to the other side

The boat was (literally) tormented by the sea

The disciple’s lives were in danger because they Jesus

Two ways we get into the storms of life:

A. from God

B. Him

Daniel’s obedience led him to the

Philippians 3:7-11

Mark 6:48 (the disciples were not forgotten)

Whatever you are going through — you will not escape Christ’s watch

Psalm 139:7-10

Why did Jesus wait and not come right away?

John 11 — Jesus delays coming to Lazarus and he dies

Matthew 14:25 (Jesus took the same the disciples did)

Jesus came to them in the part of the night 

Job 42:5

When Christ comes to help our natural tendency is to him away

How many of us, like Peter, have stepped out of the boat and walked on water?

Peter walked on water because of his — he sank because he took his eyes off Jesus

Peter cried out to the Lord to him

Jesus is the king over the material world and will be used by no one! 

Matthew 14:33 (They worshiped him in the boat)

This story is a beautiful picture of a life that is devoted to Christ: 



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