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The Christian’s Christmas Conundrum

December 12, 2021

This time of year, Christians often face a difficult decision as to whether or not they should celebrate, or even acknowledge Christmas. Let’s take an objective look at the conundrum.


A. History teaches that Bishop Liberious (354 AD) stated, “We have for every saint, but there is for Christ.” This is what incited the creation of the holiday.

B. During the first few centuries of the early church, there were many festivals and celebrations that observed . Several of those ancient festivals were converted into Christmas.


A. The key principle to any decision regarding religious activities is . We simply need to ask the question, “Do we have to do this?”

B. According to the New Testament, . It was never commanded by Jesus or the apostles, nor do we have an example of it in the Bible.


A. Which is more important?

B. Jesus was .

C. The matter of observing days is – a matter of

Scripture References: Matt 7:21, 15:9; Luke 17:32; John 12:48, 14:15, 15:20, 17:17;  Acts 20:7; Romans 14:5-6, 23; 1 Cor 4:6, 8:9, 11:25-26, 15:3-4;  Phil 2:12; Hebrews 11:1; James 3:2

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