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The Lure of the Hobo
September 5, 2021

The Lure of the Hobo

September 5, 2021 / Jerry Thorpe

“Oh that I had in the desert a lodging place for travelers; that I might leave my people, and go away from them!”               Jeremiah 9:2
1. Dreams!

“Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying: Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”    Jeremiah 1:4



  • Jeremiah’s Job Was Not The One He Wanted!

“Ah, Sovereign Lord, I said, I do not know how to speak; I am only a child.”   Jeremiah 1:6  

  • Jeremiah Was Tired Of Unreasonable People!

“Woe is me, my mother, that you have borne me, a man of strife and a man of contention to the whole earth!”                  Jeremiah 15:10 

  • Jeremiah Wanted To Get Away From Trouble!

“I did not sit in the assembly of the mockers, nor did I rejoice; I sat alone because of Your hand, for You have filled me with indignation.”     Jeremiah 15:17


”Because the word of the Lord was made to me a reproach and a derision daily. Then I said, I will not make mention of Him, nor speak anymore in His name. But His word was in my heart like a burning fire shut up in my bones; I was weary of holding it back, and I could not.”    Jeremiah 20:89

“For behold, I have made you this day a fortified city and an iron pillar, And bronze walls against the whole land—against the kings of Judah, against its princes, against its priests, and against the people of the land. They will fight against you, but they shall not prevail against you.  For I am with you,” says the Lord, “to deliver you.”   Jeremiah 1:1819

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