Bethel Church, WA
April 4, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
John 11


April 4, 2021 / Jason Greene / John 11

John 11:1-6
John 11:7-16
John 11:17-24
John 11:25-27
John 11:32-35
John 11:36-44
John 11:45-48
John 11:53



These generic questions are to be used by individuals or groups during the Easter break. He is risen!


  1. Read the main passage from this week’s sermon. Are you familiar with the book from which the passage is drawn? If not, read the introduction to the book in a study Bible or go to:
    Who were the author and the recipients? What were the issues being addressed, and where were they taking place? What are some keywords in the passage?
  2. What do you see as the speaker’s emphasis or main point in this week’s sermon?
  3. In the passage(s) do you see a
    A. Sin to confess
    B. Promise to keep
    C. Example to follow
    D. Attitude to change
    E. Knowledge to retain
  4. How does this sermon and main passage apply to you?
  5. Is God directing you to change something, or encouraging you with a promise or perhaps revealing something new about His heart?
  6. If you felt the Lord speaking to you directly regarding one of the verses, memorize it and meditate on it over the week.
  7. Share with someone this week what God is doing in your life, preferably a non-Christian, and ask them what they think.
  8. Consider contacting someone who you may have lost touch with, and see how they are doing during this time.


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