Redeemer Church Riverview
Gospel-Driven Community
March 7, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
James 4

Gospel-Driven Community

March 7, 2021 / Pastor Craig Swartz / James 4


We Worship God Who Gave Us The Church

Song of Praise “Lift High The Name of Jesus”
Call to Worship Psalm 24:7-10
Song of Praise “Jesus Shall Reign”
Confession of Faith WCF 25.3
Song of Praise “Our Great God”
Prayer of Adoration
Greet One Another
Reception of New Members & Covenant Child Baptism Orellana Family
(First Service)
Corporate Confession of Sin (Second Service)
Assurance of Pardon (Second Service) Colossians 1:19-22
Prayer of Intercession
Giving of God’s Tithe and Our Offerings
Song of Preparation “Living Hope”
Scripture Reading James 3:18-4:12
Sermon “We Are The Church: A People Called, A People Sent: Gospel-Driven Community”Craig Swartz
Prayer of Commitment
Song of Response “They’ll Know We Are Christians”


Redeemer’s Motto:

“Redeemer exists to be developing a passion for Christ by equipping disciples and reaching the lost for Christ.”

C. S. Lewis:

“If the church is not making disciples, then all the cathedrals, clergy, missions, sermons, even the Bible, are a waste of time.”

Charles Spurgeon:

“Satan always hates Christian fellowship; it is his policy to keep Christians apart.

Anything which can divide saints from one another he delights in.

He attaches far more importance to godly intercourse than we do.

Since union is a strength, he does his best to promote separation.”


James 3:18

Robert Critchley

“When He shall come with trumpet sound, Oh, may I then, in Him be found,
dressed in His righteousness, alone faultless to stand before the throne.”

Tim Keller:

“The church should be a place where people can be free to say that they are sinners.”

John 17:20-21



James 4:1-6

C. S. Lewis:

“Pride is essentially competitive, as it gets no pleasure out of having something.

It only gets pleasure of having more of it than the next person. We say that people are proud of being rich, or being cleaver, or good looking but they are not. They are proud of being richer, cleverer, or better looking than others. It is the pleasure of being above the rest.”

Zephaniah 3:17


Karl Marx:

“I am nothing and I should be everything. Man is simply a poor deluded creature who has to build an inner value and security. He must repress his smallness, he must repress his own feelings and he must repress his physical and moral inadequacy.”

B. B. Warfield:

“He who begins by seeking God within himself may end up confusing himself with God.”


James 4:5-10


“The church is a whore but she is also your mother.”

Jim Elliot:

“He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.”

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