Have we forgotten how to forgive? – Matthew 18:21-35

June 27, 2021   /   Fellowship Community Church

“Have we forgotten how to forgive?”

Matthew 18:21-35

“Every time you ask for forgiveness, you recognize the biggest problems you face in life exist inside of you, not outside.” Paul Tripp, A Quest for More: Living For Something Bigger than Yourself

  1. Our understanding of forgiveness doesn’t come from our but from what Jesus says. 18:21-22

“It is natural to all men to wish to be forgiven; and therefore, if any man does not immediately obtain forgiveness, he complains that he is treated with sternness and cruelty.” John Calvin

  1. Followers of Christ should express forgiveness to others 18:23-27
  2. Forgiveness dies when we focus on what is to us and not what we have received from Christ. 18:28-31
  3. To refuse to forgive is to express a lack of gratitude and in the gospel. 18:32-35

“Our forgiving of others will not procure forgiveness for ourselves, but our not forgiving others proves that we ourselves are not forgiven.” John Owens

Read for Next Week: Ruth 1:1-18

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