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Repairing the Veil-Disturbed by Jesus

April 18, 2021   /   First Baptist Russell

Matthew 27:50-51

In the first century A.D. the temple was the center of Jewish life.

Jesus called it “My House. Almost every time we see him enter the temple complex, we see that He causes a .

Luke 2 shows us Jesus presented at the temple as a baby and later as a 12-year-old boy. Each time He impacts people.

In John 2 and Matthew 21 we see Jesus the temple of money changers and salesmen at the and of His public ministry.

In Matthew 26 we see the religious leaders so by Jesus’ actions and teachings that they plotted to have Him .

Jesus’ biggest in the temple happened at His . Matt. 27, Mark 15, and Luke 23 all tell us the was .

  • Jesus caused a disturbance in a place they thought He couldn’t even get to.
  • Jesus the need for temple by becoming the sacrifice.

Jesus was dealing with man’s problem, and Jerusalem’s religious leaders were more concerned with the veil.

  • How often do we the very hand of God at work?
  • They just wanted to get back to what they .

We don’t it when Jesus disturbs us either. Often we too are guilty of what God is doing. We find ourselves in a position like the priests and Levites trying to repair what God has done without even realizing God is moving.

We need to be to the work of Jesus in our lives. Not just unto salvation but also unto and .

We need to go in the He is leading us instead of trying to convince Him where we need to be.

We need to be to be of the gospel. and not just in what Jesus is doing.

When Jesus us it’s for a reason.

  • about it
  • Stand
  • Take


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