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At the Mountain of God
February 14, 2021

At the Mountain of God

February 14, 2021

Exodus 19

Why Does God Want To Meet With Us?

1st To bring a for God which leads to a life. (v. 20)

I have not turned aside from Your judgments, For You Yourself have taught me. How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth! From Your precepts I get understanding; Therefore I hate every false way. Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.
Psalm 119:102-105 NASB

2nd To give us instructions in

When He had finished speaking with him on Mount Sinai, He gave Moses the two tablets of the testimony, tablets of stone, written by the finger of God. Exodus 31:18 NASB

3rd To show us how He wants to with us

“Have the people of Israel build me a holy sanctuary so I can live among them.  You must build this Tabernacle and its furnishings exactly according to the pattern I will show you.” Exodus 15:8-9 NLT

Strengthening Our With The Lord!

1st You must have a .


  • No one – absolutely no one, just Godly!
  • You need !

2nd is a must.

  • Remember – this happens with .

3rd Scripture is in .

Therefore, I will always remind you about these things—even though you already know them and are standing firm in the truth you have been taught. And it is only right that I should keep on reminding you as long as I live.  2 Peter 1:12-13 NLT

  • it.
  • it.

4th with Him about and what He is is essential.

“Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing. Anyone who does not remain in me is thrown away like a useless branch and withers. Such branches are gathered into a pile to be burned.  But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted! When you produce much fruit, you are my true disciples. This brings great glory to my Father.”  John 15:5-8 NLT

  • You might want to use a .

Things To Ponder:

  • If you are too busy to meet with the Lord, then you are too .
  • It starts with a and moves to a and it will become a .
  • God is not so concerned about the spot you choose or the amount of time you start out with – what He wants is .


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