The Real God – Wk. 1

September 13, 2020   /   Pastor Jason Huddleston   /   First Baptist Church, Elgin TX

The Real God (Wk. 1)


1. As we look at some of the people who have had the largest impact on the Kingdom of God, we see a pattern: They all started . Their goal was simply to more about God.

  • Moses says, “Show me your .”

Exodus 33:17-18

Exodus 33:19

  • David says, “Show me your .”

Psalm 27:4

  • Paul says, “That I may know .”

Phil. 3:10

2. When our first domino is a desire know God and see Him , our first domino will the lives of people beyond any spiritual activity.

3. If we want to see God , we need to look closely at.

John 14:9

4. Every issue in your life, every relational issue, every self-image issue can be traced back to a view of who is.


1. your first domino.

2. God.

3. to this study.

Family Discussion Points:

  1. Think about the domino illustration. Spiritually, how could one small truth about God’s identity have a massive impact in your life?
  2. What major implication could believing a lie about God have on your life? Explain.
  3. How can looking at Jesus dismantle some of our misconceptions about God’s character?
  4. What are some wrong views you have about God’s character?
  5. A.W. Tozer says, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” What issues or events have arisen in your life because of these misunderstandings? (i.e., “I feel like a failure and unlovable because I see God solely as a judge.”)
  6. Based off of your wrong thoughts about Him, what part of God’s character do you want Him to reveal to you?
  7. In what ways can you seek to know God in this area this week? What does that look like practically? How can you make this a priority?


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