H.E.A.R. – Hearing From God. Sharing With Others. (Wk. 4)

January 24, 2021   /   Pastor Jason Huddleston   /   First Baptist Church, Elgin TX

H.E.A.R. – Wk. 4

What is a [d]Group?

A [d]Group is a group of 3-5 people of the same gender that meet together once a week to discuss what God is teaching them through their daily Bible readings and how it applies to their lives.


For more information visit fbcelgin.org/dgroups

How long do groups last?

[d]Groups are a 2-semester commitment (10 months), with the goal that each member would start their own group when this time ends.

Group Covenant

  • I pledge myself fully to the Lord with the anticipation that I am entering a time of focused spiritual formation.
  • I will meet with my [d]Group for at least 1 hour every week – unless providentially hindered.
  • I will complete all readings and journals on a weekly basis before my meeting and contribute to discussion.
  • I will contribute to an atmosphere of confidentiality, honesty, and transparency for the edification of others in the group as well as my own spiritual growth.
  • I will pray every week for my group members.
  • I will begin praying about replicating the discipleship process upon completion of this group.

What does a meeting look like?

  • Welcome/prayer (5 minutes)
  • Scripture memory (5 minutes)
  • H.E.A.R. journals (30-45 minutes)
  • Accountability (15-20 minutes)
  • Prayer (5-15 minutes)

Scripture Memory

  • Recite weekly verse(s) together.
    • By reciting our memory verses together, we hold each other accountable to storing God’s truth in our minds.

H.E.A.R. Journals

  • Each person shares one or more journals.
    • Sharing our journals allows us to experience what we read from multiple people’s perspectives and witness how God is moving through His Word in the lives of others.


  • Intentional conversations about struggles/growth.
    • Some groups will want to answer every question (appendix 4 – Pg. 164) every week, others choose one or two to focus on. These questions are as important as sharing from your journals.

Accountability Questions

  1. What are you praying about? How can we join in prayer with you this week?
  2. How have you honored God and lived with a sense of mission – making disciples who make disciples – sharing the Gospel and its impact on you since we last met? Who are you teaching to obey all that God has commanded?
  3. What are you wanting, craving, lusting and wishing for to bring happiness in your life? (If only I had _________, then I would be happy.”) In other words, what are you over-desiring more than God?
  4. What are you fearing? What are you worrying about? (“If I lost or didn’t get ________ then I wouldn’t have peace.”) In other words, what are you trusting other than God?
  5. How are you stewarding the resources (ie. time, money, abilities, family, etc) God has given you?
  6. Are you desiring the approval or fearing the rejection of other people? (“If only _______ approved of me, then I would…”) If so, in what ways?
  7. Have you been tempted to tell half-truths or lies to put yourself in a positive light before us? Have you been dishonest about any of your answers today? If so, in what ways?


  1. Realize your need for community.
  2. Continue praying about who you might want to be in your D-Group and start reaching out to those people.
  3. Register your group at: fbcelgin.org/dgroups


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