Goliath Must Fall – Wk. 4

February 20, 2022   /   Pastor Jason Huddleston   /   First Baptist Church, Elgin TX

Goliath Must Fall – Wk. 4

Main Passages: 1 Samuel 17:2, 16


1. Comfort us of precious and freedom.

  • James 4:14 ESV

2. Comfort keeps us in the and causes us to on God-moments.

  • Matthew 14:28-29

3. Comfort is and convinces us to settle for what’s instead of striving for what’s .


1. Get .

  • “Somehow as a people of God, if we’re not careful, we can sing songs about the uncomfortable moment of Jesus while we live in the very comfortable moment of us.” – Louie Giglio –

2. Remember the we’re alive.

3. Live with and .

Group/Community Discussion Points:

*Open by reading 1 Samuel 17:2, 16.

  1. How has comfort robbed you of time and freedom? Please share.
  2. Are you really fighting the good fight of faith or, like the Israelites, are you getting dressed every day and standing on the sidelines? How can you tell?
  3. What is keeping you in the boat?
  4. Have you ever heard someone else’s testimony and wished it was yours? Explain.
  5. Why are we so prone to cling to comfort and safety?
  6. Can you share of a time that you feel like you settled for something good instead of what is best?
  7. Pastor Jason shared an illustration of a baby bird that was warm, fed and safe in their nest, but not free. Are you experiencing the freedom that Christ has provided for you? Why or why not?
  8. What are some ways you can get uncomfortable in your faith this week?
  9. What is your purpose on earth?
  10. Why are we so bent on making sure we are comfortable when Christ was not comfortable for us?
  11. Are you running from a world of danger or into a world of danger? Why or why not?

* Close by asking God to make you uncomfortable this week.


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