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But God – Wk. 1
March 20, 2022

But God – Wk. 1

March 20, 2022

But God – Wk. 1


1. God forget, which means He has not forgotten .

“God fully knows himself and all things actual and possible in one simple and eternal act. God is fully aware of everything that happens all at one time and he never can learn or forget anything.” – Wayne Grudem –

  • Genesis 7:24
  • Genesis 8:1

2. God’s people and His to them are always on His .

  • Isaiah 49:14-16
  • Psalm 145:13
  • Joshua 23:14

3. Because of this, we can be assured that God will in His perfect .

  • Genesis 8:1
  • Genesis 19:29
  • Genesis 30:22
  • Exodus 2:24
  • Acts 10:20
  • Acts 10:30-31


1. Consistently yourself who God is.

2. Consistently to God for help.

  • Genesis 30:22
  • Exodus 2:24
  • Acts 10:30

3. Consistently that God will act on your behalf.

Group/Community Discussion Points:

*Open by reading Genesis 7:24-8:1

  1. Have you ever felt forgotten by God or others? Please share.
  2. Does better understanding God’s omniscience (that God is all-knowing) bring you comfort when you feel forgotten? Explain.
  3. How does it make you feel to know you and His promises to you are always on the mind of God? Do you believe it? Why or why not?
  4. How do our experiences and hurts with people affect our trust with God?
  5. Do you ever struggle with waiting on God’s perfect time? Please expound.
  6. Can you give an example of God’s perfect timing in your life? If so, share. How do events like these build our trust in God and His faithfulness to us?
  7. What activities help remind you who God is and what He has promised?
  8. What stops you from crying out to God for help?
  9. What can you do to practice trusting God this week?

* Close by thanking God for always seeing and remembering us.


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