July 18, 2021   /   Keith Hagan   /   First Baptist Church Statesboro

First Baptist Statesboro
Keith Hagan, Administrative Pastor
July 18, 2021
I Samuel 16:1-13

    Main Thing to Know
    Spiritual maturity is not measured by our knowledge, but by our choices.

    1 Samuel 16 is a monumental passage in the Bible. It is where we see God choose His king for the nation of Israel.

    But what I drawn to in this passage are the choices made by the prophet, Samuel. These choices reveal his faith and they position him to see God do something incredible. Let’s take a look at these choices and consider how these same choices can impact our lives.

    1. Go when the Lord send
    2. Trust how the Lord work
    3. See what the Lord sees
    4. Do all that the Lord says

    Spiritual maturity is…

    • a lifelong journey
    • experiencing God at work
    • an example and encouragement to others

    Next Steps:

    • Attend (Engage) Regularly
    • Serve Willingly
    • Give Cheerfully
    • Live Properly
    • Grow Spiritually

    We want to help you take your next step!


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