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Setting Family Goals
February 16, 2020
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Setting Family Goals

February 16, 2020 / 3:

We have seen much accomplished because we had family goals.

I. Set Time Goals

A. When we moved to Vegas, my wife and I went out to the desert and talked about how we would schedule our week

1. Mondays—day off
2. Two week vacation every year
3. Tuesday-Friday—study A.M.
4. Tuesday-Friday—door knock P.M.
5. Tuesday night —visitation
6. Wednesday night —church
7. Thursday—discipleship groups
8. Friday night —youth activities
9. Saturday—visit all day
10. Sunday—church all day

• I am by nature a workaholic if I don’t schedule the important things

B. Schedule your time based on your priorities

1. —when and where
2. —when and where
3. —when and where
4. —when and where

C. You should spend no less than one hour per day with family interactions.

II. Set Your for Life

A. Decide—what are your standards for ?

B. Decide—where and how you are to live?

C. Decide—what you are and are not going to in as a ?

D. What is and what is not proper for your family?

E. If you set these standards in your , it will help your children be as adults?

III. Set Your Goals

A. When will you spend time with ?

B. When will you pray with your ?

C. When will you pray with your ?

D. How often will you be in ?

E. How do you plan to their growth?

F. What will you be involved in together?

IV. Set Your Goals

A. How time?

B. Where you want to ?

C. What you can to do?

D. Let your kids be in the planning?

E. Find out what a “” would be for them?

F. We found “” don’t work for us.

V. Set Your Financial Goals



C. Faith

D. and




If you will set these goals in your life, you will spend time wisely and not waste your life

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