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God’s Plan Is You!
October 18, 2020

God’s Plan Is You!

October 18, 2020

The believer is not just brainless pawn in the hand of an almighty God with no will of his own or no responsibility for his position or direction  or his attitude in this world for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Acts 2:16-17


The Holy Spirit was poured out on all flesh.


When that took place, He began to convict everyone around the world of three things.


John 16:7-11

He is in the world today convincing men of three things:

  • Sin – all men know they are sinful
  • Righteousness – all men know there is a Holy God
  • Judgement – all men know they will be judged by that Holy God.


What did they do?


They – v. 1

Ephesians 4:3


They the Word of God – v. 2

Hebrews 4:12


They the Lord

Matthew 25:40  |  Matthew 20:28



Mark 9:29



Acts 12:5  |  Acts 1:8  |  Acts 4:31  |  Acts 13:3  |  1 Timothy 2:1-4  |    Luke 11:2-4


They to the Holy Spirit

Galatians 5:16



This was the beginning of world evangelization. This church did not sit back and wait for God to do something. They saw their responsibility to obey God and do what he had impowered them to do and they did it.


Whatever God has enabled you to do as a believer, do it. When God says “Go,” get up and go. If you have an ability and you don’t use it for God, God hasn’t failed you, you have failed God.

  • Pray
  • Fast
  • Go to church
  • Send missionaries
  • Get involved in your city, state, and nation
  • Tell others about Jesus
  • Vote

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