Liberty Baptist Church of Las Vegas, NV
Family Matters – Raising Your Children to Serve God
February 9, 2020
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Family Matters – Raising Your Children to Serve God

February 9, 2020 / 6:

People have asked us often how, in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada we were able to raise five children that love the Lord and all want to be involved in full time Christian service. 

Pray for your children every day!

I wasn’t very good at family devotions. I tried to teach our children, as we went from place to place and when we were together, principles about serving the Lord but I also tried to let them hear me pray for them every day and personally I tried to remember to pray for my five children every single day. That prayer was a simple prayer. Just that they would be kept physically and mentally whole and healthy and that they would serve the Lord with their whole heart.

Play with your children

  • Every Monday – we took Monday’s off as a family
  • Family Vacations
  • Whenever we could we:
    • Watched TV with them
    • Watched movies with them
    • We went to amusement parks
    • We went to water parks
    • We spent all sorts of time with our children

You don’t have to spend lots of money to have fun with your children.

Going out to the desert – throwing rocks at bottles

Driving through the mountains – Hiking with the kids

Going to the lake and swimming

Walking through the mall on Monday with popcorn and a Coke

with your children in

  • They were – if they didn’t go, we didn’t go
  • They went
  • We went to together
  • We went to together when or were in town
    • The kids would fall asleep in restaurant seats. They would be sleeping on chairs and restaurant booths as we talked with preachers and missionaries. The older they grew, the more they began to participate in the conversations.
  • When we went out, they went out with us
  • If invited to speak somewhere, they traveled with us
  • We were at having our kids with us in whatever we did

your children to

*We provoked our kids to think – we did not keep our kids from the world:

  • Extended family sins were discussed
  • Sin within the church was discussed
  • We showed them the of sin

  • What we did at home, we did at church
  • We did not try to put on a
  • We did teach them – not everything we did at home was proper at church

your convictions

  • We said, “we don’t do that because…”
  • We said, “We do this because…”

We gave our children the “because” of what we did and what we didn’t do. Whether it was good reasoning or bad, they knew our reasoning


  • Parents are not perfect. When we did that which was wrong or they saw an inconsistency in our life, we confessed that to them so that they could see that we were not trying to be hypocrites. A child can spot a hypocrite a mile away. If they feel we are hypocrites they will reject us.

, don’t (don’t coddle)

  • Nurture means

spanking is not – Explain what proper spanking is.

    • Admonition means

It was not our desire to be our children’s best friend, though we wanted them to love us more than anyone else. It was our responsibility to bring them up, so we chastened them when they needed it and we gave them all the instruction that we could.

together with your . (united front)

  • We were united in front of them

Parents will not always agree on everything. These things should be talked about privately.

  • We agreed – they thought we agreed on everything
  • We would not take our children’s side against each other


  • Instant obedience is absolutely necessary in our culture today

away from other children that they don’t do well with.

  • Children are by nature sinners. If they did not do well with other children, then they did not get to hang around them

positive . (replace bad things with good things)

  • If we took away something that was negative, we tried to replace it with something that was positive.

your child’s heart

  • We wanted them to know that we loved them more than anyone else and so we spent time with them, had fun with them and talked with them about everything.


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