LOE | Follow Jesus Further – week 7

July 21, 2021   /   Evangel Church


WEEK 7: Want to go further in this Bible study? This is for you!


FOLLOW JESUS by denying ourselves & using our gifts for Him & His Kingdom work!

Let’s talk about spiritual gifts!

Please read 1 Peter 4:1-11 and record your observations:

How do you feel God prompting you regarding application of this passage to your own life?             

There are all kinds of spiritual gift surveys (we have one available if you would like to take it — click here) that serve as tools to help identify some specific ways God has given us gifts and abilities to serve Him and His church and our world. What are your spiritual gifts? 

Describe the most recent situation in which you felt God using you through your giftings:                                              

We thank God for His good gift to you and for using you for His glorious purposes!

Find a verse or two that speak to you about your gifts: (biblegateway.com, crosswalk.com, or the index of your Bible if it has one are great resources!)


Text to Respond
If you received Christ today or re-dedicated your life to Him, text “BELIEVE” to 97000.

Prayer Request?
Let us know how we can pray or celebrate with you this week… email us. Please include a phone number if you would like to be contacted.

Mobile Giving
Please click here to give online OR text any amount to 84321. Thank you!

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