LOE | Follow Jesus Further – week 5

July 7, 2021   /   Evangel Church


WEEK 5: Want to go further in this Bible study? This is for you!


FOLLOW JESUS by faith!

Let’s talk about faith vs. idolatry!

The concept of following Jesus by faith really comes down to having nothing/no one between us and Jesus (a.k.a. no idolatry). Read these Scriptures about idolatry and write your observations and ideas for application as God prompts you: Exodus 20:1-6; 34:14 & 17; 1 John 5:21:

Let’s talk about withdrawing!

Over the last 18 months, due to the pandemic, we have had more withdrawal than ever it feels like! We were mandated to withdraw and then encouraged to stay withdrawn for our own and the safekeeping of others. Jot some thoughts about the positives of that:

And what about the negatives of that:

Read Luke 9:10-11 about Jesus taking His disciples to do some healthy withdrawing. The crowds learn of it and follow – and they are in need.

What do you tend to do when you’ve taken the steps for healthy withdrawing and then the “crowds” in your life (family, work, etc) “follow” you and are in need?

Let’s talk about boundaries!

There is a need for balance, and boundaries are necessary for our own physical, emotional, and mental health. We need some down-time, and as Jesus shows us, we follow Him in being willing and available to serve others. Journal a prayer about your thoughts and feelings and desires about all of this:

Find some verses that speak to you about this kind of balance and boundaries: (biblegateway.com, crosswalk.com, or the index of your Bible if it has one are great resources!)

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