LOE | Follow Jesus Further – week 4

June 30, 2021   /   Evangel Church


WEEK 4: Want to go further in this Bible study? This is for you!


FOLLOW JESUS and prosper!

Let’s talk about prospering!

Think about what it means to you to prosper; jot your thoughts about that and how your and God’s definitions line up:       

Read Matthew 6:25-34. List the things Jesus says to not worry about. What does it mean to you to seek God’s Kingdom first?                                

Let’s talk about following Jesus, His secrets, and receiving His blessings!

Read Deuteronomy 29:29. What kind of secrets are you asking God to share with you?                         

Read Jeremiah 33:3 and Daniel 2:22 about the secrets of God. What are your observations from these verses?   

Read Deuteronomy 28:1-14. Write your insights about this passage.

Now write a prayer of thanksgiving to God, naming at least 10 specific blessings in your life:  

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