LOE | Follow Jesus Further – week 1

June 9, 2021   /   Evangel Church


WEEK 1: Want to go further in this Bible study? This is for you!

Let’s talk about clay!

It will be even more meaningful (especially for kinesthetic learners!) if you have some clay in your hands as you read, consider and pray through this Scripture.

Read Romans 9:20-21. What comes to mind when you read verse 20: “Why did You make me like this?”     

Are there things about yourself that you wonder that about?

One commentary states about verse 21 that the author does not mean that some of us are worth more than others (special / common), but simply that the Creator has control over the created object.

What area(s) is God working on in you? What area(s) is He prompting you to surrender to His loving work?

Let’s talk about following instructions!

A huge part of following Jesus is following His instructions. The Bible is full of passages that talk about this. One interesting one in the Old Testament:

Read Exodus 30:22-29. Write out the recipe for anointing oil.

One scholar gives proportions prescribed in Exodus 30:

27% myrrh (6 kg); 14% Ceylon cinnamon (3 kg); 14% sweet calamus (3 kg); 27% cassia (6 kg); and 18% olive oil (4 liters/4 kg).

Here is what the combination of scents could have been for this oil:

Myrrh – smells kind of like pine

Cinnamon – like the one in your spice cabinet

Calamus – could be lemon grass or ginger grass

Cassia – Chinese cinnamon

Olive Oil – like you use for cooking

You could put these scents together in the above proportions to get an idea of what this anointing oil may have smelled like! Or just take a whiff of one of the ingredients knowing it was part of the anointing oil mix used back in Old Testament days. Write any observations you have: 

Let’s talk about more FOLLOW verses!

Read Leviticus 20:22; 22:31; 26:3 for further reflection on following the Lord. What are your observations?                


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