August 11, 2021   /   Evangel Church

PERSPECTIVE when culture walks through the door

Matthew 24:12-13

Luke 15:11-12

The Father’s Response to Betrayal:

  His is –this was not the plan.

  He allows his son the to to .

  He his son’s .  Luke 15:17-20

The Father’s Reaction to the Returning Prodigal:

  He is full of and .  Luke 15:20

  He is to .  Luke 15:20

  He his .  Luke 15:20

  He his son immediately after his son . Luke 15:21-22

The significance of the three gifts:
  The best robe restored his .
  The ring restored his .
  The sandals restored his .

  He his lost son’s .  Luke 15:23-24

The Response of the Elder Brother:

  He was .  Luke 15:25

  He heard the music but refused to the .  Luke 15:25-28

  He was .

  He kept track of how he was and how he was Luke 15:28-31

  He does not his brother as a .

  He focused on his brother’s rather than his .

  He questioned the of the .  Luke 15:32

Am I:

  to prodigals?
  for prodigals?

Conversation Questions:

  Share with the group your thoughts about the lesson. What challenged you? What inspired you?

  Betrayal is something we all will feel at some point in our lives. When was the last time you felt betrayed? How did you respond: more like the Father or more like the Elder Brother?

  Who is someone in your life who has treated you like the Father treated his prodigal son?

  Why do you think it is easy for people to develop the spirit of the elder brother?

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