Emmaus Road Baptist Church
Two in One
November 22, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Acts 20:

Two in One

November 22, 2020 / Acts 20:

Lessons from Falling Asleep in Church

  1. The Christians on Sunday- vs. 7-8
    1. There was a
    2. There was a
  2. Someone Asleep- vs. 9-10
    1. That didn’t mean he didn’t to be there
    2. That didn’t mean that he was
    3. That didn’t mean that God was at him
  3. The Continued-vs. 11-12
    1. The people to Paul’s advice
    2. Paul got back to
    3. The people got back to
    4. Everything worked out great for those who

Paul says Goodbye to the Ephesians

  1. Paul’s Farewell Message
    1. He called them to
      1. His of ministry- vs. 19
      2. His– vs. 20
      3. His – vs. 21
    2. He his departure
      1. He had felt the Holy Spirit’s
      2. He not death
      3. He had faithfully his duties
    3. He them to be careful
      1. Because of the great of the flock- vs. 28
      2. Because of grievous – vs. 29-30
      3. Because he greatly for them- vs. 31
    4. He them to God
      1. Who would make them to do the task
      2. Who would be the of their reward- vs. 32-35
    5. He with them- vs. 36
  2. The Ephesian send off
    1. They
    2. They with him to the end

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