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God’s Got Me
July 11, 2021

God’s Got Me

July 11, 2021



Isaiah 6:1

“sitting” indicates there is , and that this rule is marked by calm and

Psalm 2:2-4

  • Re: the high throne… the language strongly suggests a heavenly :

Psalm 102:19

Isaiah 66:1

  • Christians today have “an outstanding high throne” as our Sanctuary: it is called “the throne of

Hebrews 4:16

  • Re: “his train filled the temple:” It’s said that the importance and glory of oriental monarchs was displayed by the of their garments

Psalm 104:1-2


Revelation 4:1-2

  • The throne represents the universal and of God

Psalm 110:1

  • Jesus is of all events here.

This world is full of unpredictable

But in God there is established

Psalm 46:4-5

  1. Too often its our fear and not our that is speaking
  2. The chaos that we experience is not a threat to God’s or his for my life
  3. If my focus in life is on God… then everything that matters to me is and I can
  4. If my focus in on my boat the sails the cargo then the things that matter to me are so secure and my soul will begin to
  5. we know God then we know that neither nor his shall be thrown off by the chaos or the kingdoms of this world
  6. God is there with his people! This is His place, and He is preeminent in the midst of His people, their is sure, they shall not be moved

Psalm 46:6

  1. there is a for us…

Psalm 46:7

  1. No one can reach over or around and get to us …no one can reach and get to us
  2. Knowing God’s and brings us peace
  3. God’s presence + God’s Power =
  4. Except when it doesn’t… why isn’t this true?
  5. Because we something else to the equation
  6. We add our of what God should do and when he should do it
  7. Then our peace

Psalm 46:8-9

  1. When O Lord will you finally

Psalm 46:10-11

a. God has the

b. God alone is


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