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Sustaining Wholeness – Rest in You
October 18, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Matthew 11:25-30

Sustaining Wholeness – Rest in You

October 18, 2020 / Matthew 11:25-30 12:1-21

Physical Capital

  • With Sustaining Wholeness, we move to the second level of stewardship.
  • Today we will be talking more about Physical Capital
  • Physical capital has to do with Time, Space, Health, and Energy
  • We are to be practitioners of what is true and never to see ourselves as experts

The Source of our Health & Well-being

  • Last week we focused on Time & Space, and how to steward that well. This has a lot to do with our working, our doing.
  • Today we are talking about the other side of Work -> Rest
  • Jesus who the Father is to Us
  • Jesus in the Father, and invites us to do the same
  • Jesus us to come to Him with our burdens

The Burden We Carry

Rest for our Souls

  • But in every situation, where we come to God looking for a quick fix or solution
  • Instead Jesus shows us who The Father is.
  • He reveals His
  • He reveals His
  • He reveals His
  • He reveals His
  • He reveals that He in us.

Lord of the Sabbath

  • Two stories Matthew shares about  Jesus that illustrate what He taught about the Sabbath. 
  1. Disciples picking grain on the Sabbath
    • In the first Jesus shares two places in Scripture where people break the Sabbath, but were not in the wrong for doing it. 
    • ” – Something greater than the temple was the Lord of the Sabbath
    • Jesus reveals Himself as , particularly for the poor.
    • Jesus reveals Himself as , particularly for those who have given their whole lives to serve Him
  2. Jesus healing on the Sabbath
    • Again “How Much More” – People are more valuable that Sabbath
    • Jesus reveals Himself as for the sick and suffering.

Jesus Reveals that He is and .

He doesn’t just provide, sustain, heal

for our sake alone but we steward these

for the sake of all.

Importance of Rest

  • Jesus isn’t interested in us keeping the of Sabbath. He created the Sabbath for us, not us for the Sabbath.
  • But like all the instruction in the Law. Jesus has a deeper purpose for us. He asks us “ ” is the Rest of the Sabbath of value to us?
  • Rest is a from work, but with a purpose.
  • Rest is more than
  • Rest is more than
  • Rest is always
  • Rest bring us into the Presence of God where he Himself to us. This is

So What?

  • God designed us to balance Work and Rest.
  • We are at our best when we Work from a Place of Rest
  • Rest is Restorative because we receive revelation of Who God is.
  • Rest also includes Recreation, which is an expression of the Image of God in us.
  • God wants to reveal His Character, He is Provider, Sustainer, Healer, Mercy & Justice.
  • Resting in God will empower us to carry the light burden of obedience in love.

Your So What? What is God saying to you about Himself? About Yourself? Where He wants these truths to change what you believe?

Now What? How does He want you and us to actively respond?

  • Where is God asking you to give up space in your schedule to create margin for Rest?

Jesus Reveals Himself through Rest



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