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Road-trip Rhythms #27 & 63 – One Thing I Seek
August 9, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Psalms 27:
Psalm 63

Road-trip Rhythms #27 & 63 – One Thing I Seek

August 9, 2020 / Psalms 27: Psalm 63

Whom shall I fear? 

27: 1 The Lord is my  and my — whom shall I ?  The Lord is the of my life—of whom shall I be ?

  • The Wicked – 
  • Enemies & Foes – 
  • Attacking & Beseiging Armies – 
  • Fears & Anxieties Responses –  

One Thing I ask, Earnestly do I seek

27:4 I ask from the Lord, this only do I : that I may in the of the the of my , to on the of the Lord and to seek Him in  His .

63:1 You, God, are my God, I seek you; I for you, my being for you, in a dry and parched land where there is . 2 I have seen you in the and beheld your and your .

Asking & seeking 

  • 3 signs of seeking , ,  
  • The Temple and the Upper Room – 
  • Dwelling –
  • All my days –
  • Gaze upon –

Pray & Listen

my when I , Lord; be to me and me.

My says of you, “ !” Your face, Lord, I will seek.

The Benefits – 

Hear My Voice When I Call –

In the Day of Trouble

27:5 For in the of , He will keep me in His ; He will hide me in the of his and set me upon a . Then my head will be above the enemies who me; at his sacred tent I will with shouts of ; I will sing and make music to the Lord.

The day of Trouble – 

The Promise of His Presence – 

  • He will keep me in His /
  • Then we will be above our enemies – 

Confident in God

27:13 I of this: I will see the of the Lord in the of the .

63: 3 Because your is than , my lips will you. 4 I will you as long as I live, and in Your , I will lift up my . 5 I will be fully as with the of foods; with lips, my will praise you.

  • see the goodness – 
  • His Love – 
  • fully satisfied – 
  • Shadow of your wings – 

Wait on God 

27:14  for the Lord; be and  and wait for the Lord.

63:6 On my I you; I think of you through the of the night.

  • The beauty of the Upper Room – 
  • Through the Watches of the Night – 
  • The of We remain in the of our heavenly through , rest, and . He is the of our and . Key Practices: Abiding Prayer, Worship, ,  & other Spiritual Disciplines

The Daily Office Tool – “The Prayers” (Acts 2:42)

  • 15 to 30 minutes 2-4 times a day. 
  • A few minutes of silence, stillness, and centering before God in solitude.
  • Read a short passage of Scripture, reflect and respond to it.
  • Pray through the Lord’s prayer. Daily warfare procedure. Filling of the Holy Spirit and the Father’s love.
  • Conclude again with a few minutes of silence.

My So What (What is God saying to me, about Him, about me?)

 Now What? (How is God asking me to respond in heart and action?)





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