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The Right Perspective
December 27, 2020

The Right Perspective

December 27, 2020

The Right Perspective

Pastor Zach

Romans 12:3-5

1. We must have a view of self (v. 3)

I am more afraid of my own heart than of the Pope and all his cardinals. I have within me the great pope, SELF.

Martin Luther

2. We all have a different (v.4)

Our great problem is the problem of trafficking in unlived truth. We try to communicate what we’ve never experienced in our own life.

D.L. Moody

3 . We are healthy when we are (v.5)

So long as we love we serve. No man is useless while his is a friend.

Robert Louis Stevenson

Daily Meditations

Memory verse:  For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.

Romans 12:3


Read Romans 12:3-8.  Why do you think Paul was concerned with how the recipients of this letter understood themselves?

How do you view yourself? Do you see yourself in the correct light? Are you more likely to think too highly or lowly of yourself? Why?


Read Romans 12:3-8. What should be your first thought in thinking about how you desire to grow in this next year?

What do you believe it means to have “sober judgement” about your own role in God’s plan?

Do you think you are functioning as a full member of Christ’s local body (church)?


Read Romans 12:3-8 in a different translation or paraphrase.*

What do you believe is your “function” that is mentioned in verse 5 (refer to verses 6-8 for reference)?

How can you best be using your gifts in your local body?


Read Romans 12:3-8. Why is it such good news that there is a body of believers functioning as “members one of another”?

How do you see your life and role in the body growing this year? 


Read Romans 12:3-8 in a foreign language if you’re able.* Do you think it is possible to live the Christian life on your own, as an individual experience? Why or why not?

Do you consider yourself to “all belong to each other” verse 5 NLT?

Belonging to a local body is key to living the faith of Christ out in our life, how can you use your specific gifting to express the love Christ to those in your community this weekend?


Finish any devotions you may have missed and then spend some time today reading over and working on memorizing this week’s memory verse and make a list of ten friends who don’t know Christ you can pray for.    

*Go to or download the YouVersion app on your Bible

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