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The Power of Persistent Prayer
July 18, 2021

The Power of Persistent Prayer

July 18, 2021

The Power of Persistent Faith
Following the Servant
Mark 7:24-37

Talking about what is clean and unclean (Mark 7:14-23) has prepared us for the story of the Gentile woman’s faith.  In his northernmost trip, Jesus’ interaction with this non-Jewish woman reminds us again that God’s kingdom is meant for everyone!  He deals with her as an individual whose faith helps clarify our own.  On his way back to Galilee, Jesus heals a deaf-mute.  Both of these instances from Jesus’ life illustrate just two of the many ways our Lord shows compassion for others.

Faith is being confident that God will always do what is right .

1.   Jesus (24-27)

She came boldly, but humbly (“she fell at His feet”) and she was .

Romans 1:16

2.   Jesus cares for (28-30)

In essence, she’s coming to Jesus, not on the basis of her own goodness, but on the .

Mark 6:52

Faith is refusing to attempt to manipulate Him and on Him.

James 4:6

Matthew 15:28

3.   Jesus hears (31-35)

Isaiah 35

4.   Jesus deserves (36, 37)

Jesus always meets us as individuals !

We should go out of our way to reach across cultural, racial, and gender barriers and try to


Daily Meditations
Memory verse: “People were overwhelmed with amazement. “He has done everything well,” they said. “He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”        Mark 7:37
Read Mark 7:24-37.  What constitutes an effective missionary strategy in our day? 
How did Jesus begin to instruct His followers about successful missions?
Read Mark 7:24-37.  Is there any nation you would be tempted to skip over in missions? 
What makes them unworthy in your mind? What would Jesus do?
What should be our attitude toward the Jewish people as a political nation?  As individual souls?
Read Mark 7:24-37.  Why would Jesus’ ministry in Gentile lands have shocked His disciples? 
How does it foreshadow Peter and Paul’s ministries in the book of Acts?
Why was the Syrophoenician woman happy with mere “crumbs”? 
What can we learn from her attitude?
Read Mark 7:24-37.  How can boldness and humility both be demonstrated at the same time in our prayers?
How would you respond to someone who suggested that Jesus was using some kind of magic in 7:33–34?
Why do you think Jesus “sighed deeply” before he healed the deaf man? 
Read Mark 7:24-37.  How does Jesus’ healings encourage your faith in Him?
How was Jesus’ healing ministry associated with the gospel of a restored relationship with God?
Read Mark 7:24-37.  What part do the old hymns play in your worship experience? 
How do new songs and choruses help you perceive and worship God?

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