Prepare the Lamb

February 13, 2022   /   Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church

Prepare the Lamb | Following the Servant | Mark 14:12-21

  • Preparation of the Passover (vv. 12-16)

Exodus 12:7-14

When we are of Christ, we will find things just as Jesus told us.

The Passover meal included the Passover Lamb, bitter herbs, unleavened bread, bowls of saltwater, “Charosheth” (a paste mixture of apples, dates, pomegranates, and nuts), and four cups of wine.

The Passover meal reminded the Israelites of their salvation from Egypt.


  • The Betrayal of Jesus (vv. 17-21)

The chief priests were at the betrayal of Jesus (v.11). The disciples were (v.19).

The evidence of a tender heart towards God is a sadness at against Him.

“Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, in saying, ‘Repent,’ intended that the whole life of his believers on earth should be repentance.” Martin Luther

Psalm 41:9

It is possible to be with Jesus but not love Him.

There are sins worse than

The love of money is powerful enough to to the value and worth of God.

This Passover, while men were preparing their Passover lambs for God, for men.

1 Corinthians 5:7

Everything has been by God—even the betrayal of Jesus.


Daily Meditations

Memory Verse: “The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him.”                                   Mark 14:21



Read Mark 14:12-21 and Exodus 12:1-16. What are the customs of the Passover Festival and how are these customs fulfilled in Jesus’ death?

Why do you think Jesus sent Peter and Luke to prepare the Passover? Why didn’t He do it Himself?



Read Mark 14:12-21. How is Jesus sending us on mission (i.e., Matthew 28:16-20) better for us than if He did it alone?

Peter and Luke found everything “just as Jesus had told them.” What promises in Scripture have been fulfilled already? 



Read Mark 14:12-21.  What things has Jesus promised that you are most longing for? Thank God for His faithfulness.



Read Mark 14:12-21. News of Jesus’ betrayal grieved the disciples. What is the reaction of the chief priests in verse 11?

How can we cultivate a heart which is grieved at the thought of sinning against God?

Judas could have repented at any moment. What are some of the reasons you think Judas didn’t repent?



Read Mark 14:12-21.  How is Judas a warning for us as Christians? What are some signs of a hardened heart against God? 

In verse 21, Jesus makes clear that He is fulfilling Scripture: “The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him.” What are some examples of Scripture Jesus has already fulfilled in His earthly ministry? 



Read Mark 14:12-21.  What Scriptures do you think Jesus has in mind in verse 21?  

What are some instances in this text of God’s sovereignty in Jesus’ life? How is God’s control over history a comfort to you?

Recount ways God has been in control through difficult times in your life.

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