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On What Authority?
November 7, 2021

On What Authority?

November 7, 2021

On What Authority?
Following the Servant
Mark 11:27-33

  1. The Authority of Christ (27-28)

What Jesus has done since his arrival at Jerusalem, and the way people have responded to it, has constituted a claim to authority which cannot be ignored by those who have the official responsibility for the religious and communal life of the city, and the challenge of v. 28 comes as no surprise.
R.T. France

2. Jesus will reveal your (29-30)

Those who cannot be honest with themselves cannot be honest about Jesus.
James R. Edwards

3. What Authority has your ?  (31-32)

The risen, reigning, King of kings and Lord of lords reigns over this world and over his mission with absolute sovereignty. Nothing is outside his sovereign will. 
John Piper

4. If Jesus is who He only can be our response! (33)

We feel strongly that we have the right, even the obligation to select what parts of Jesus’ teaching we can accept and what parts we cannot. But that makes no sense. Why should you trust in him as Savior if you are wiser and smarter then he is? Either he is who he said he is, and his views judge our views, or he was lying or deluded about being the Son of God.
Tim Keller

Daily Meditations

Memory verse:  So they answered Jesus, “We do not know.” And Jesus said to them, “Neither will I tell you by what authority I do these things.”  Mark 11:33

Read Mark 11:27-33.  How did the religious leaders challenge Jesus?

What may have been their motivation for challenging Him?

Have you ever challenged the authority of Jesus in your own life? How?

When you challenged the authority of Christ, or a friend did, how did that end up working out? Were you successful in your pursuit or did that path fail you?

Why is the authority of Christ a gift not a curse?

Read Mark 5:1-20. What do you think of the question of the Sanhedrin?

Did Jesus answer them? Why or why not?

Did they answer Jesus’ question? Why would they not answer it?

How has your heart been questioned by the authority of Christ before? How have you responded?

Is it easier to say “I don’t know?” than to say “I submit?” Why or why not?

Read Mark 11:27-33. In this passage we learn about two people groups, man and the person of Christ.

What do we learn about people and about human nature from their response?

What do we learn about Jesus?

How does this knowledge of Christ push your toward hope and/or obedience?

Read Mark 11:27-33. 

The non-committal of the religious leaders here is very modern. Why are so many people today happier being ‘fence sitters’ about God and Jesus rather than deciding one way or another.

You ask someone ‘do you think Jesus is really God’s Son?’ and they answer ‘not sure I can say’. Where do you go from there?

Read Mark 11:27-33. In response to the questioning of the Sanhedrin, Jesus responded with a question of His own. How or why is this NOT being evasive?

In Jesus’ questioning we see Him reveal the intentions and hearts of his accusers. What are the questions that Jesus is asking of you and how are they revealing your heart? (Do you love me? What is your greatest joy in life? What would you find difficult to lose in life?)

Jesus goal is always to push us into a loving relationship with Him and convict us with the goal of repentance, pray today what you may need to be convicted of in love.

Finish any devotions you may have missed and then spend some time today reading over and working on memorizing this week’s memory verse and make a list of ten friends who don’t know Christ you can pray for.    

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