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Ministering to an Unbelieving World
May 23, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Mark 6:4

Ministering to an Unbelieving World

May 23, 2021 / Mark 6:4

Ministering to an Unbelieving World
Following the Servant
Mark 6:1-6

Isaiah 61:1, 2

Luke 4:21-23, 29

Mark 3:21, 31-34

The people of Nazareth may have initially given Jesus and His disciples a warm welcome, but their initial interest in their hometown boy turned to .

The end of chapter 5 is an example of great belief.  In these first six verses of chapter 6 we see great unbelief. Jesus’ family and his entire hometown wonder what’s wrong with Him. The people of Nazareth were offended by His presence and reject Him.  In these verses we see the Lord reaching out to an unbelieving people, and how He and His disciples respond.  There is wisdom for us as we minister to an unbelieving world.

“What is beyond dispute is that in the ministry of two or three years, Jesus of Nazareth attracted and infuriated his contemporaries, mesmerized and alienated the ancient world, unleashed a movement that has done the same ever since, and thus changed the course of history forever.” -J.P. Meier

Luke 7:9

John 3:18

Four Truths about the Nature of Unbelief

1.    Unbelief makes you miss the truth that’s right (v. 2)

Miracles do not contradict the laws of nature; they merely .

2.   Unbelief often focuses on (v. 3a)

As we talk with people, we have to keep bringing the discussion back .

3.   Since they can’t refute His message, they (vv. 3b-4)

Familiarity wears out .

John 11:47-53

John 15:20

4.    Jesus’ power is not diminished (vv. 5, 6)

Three groups of people identified here:

·      There are the disciples.

Disciples don’t necessarily understand everything at first, but they accept it as .

·      There are those who are curious.

God will reveal mysteries to you along the way and.

·      There are those who are closed and cynical.

The most effective thing we can do for a cynic .


Daily Meditations

Memory verse:  “Jesus said to them, ‘A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.’” Mark 6:4 
Read Mark 6.  Did any of your classmates surprise you at a class reunion because of the good things they had accomplished? 
How did you feel about it: Were you happy, proud, or skeptical?
Why might the people in Jesus’ hometown have resented Him? 
Read Mark 6.  Is the response of a person’s hometown and family a reliable indicator of whether the “prophet” is genuine and legitimate?
List some of the things Jesus said and did that are astonishing. Do non-Christians acknowledge that He said and did those things?
How is it possible for a person to see what Jesus did and yet deny that He is the Savior, the Son of God?
Read Mark 6.  What kinds of credentials do you expect spiritual leaders to have? 
Should we avoid offending people when we tell them about Jesus?
Read Mark 6.  Are you familiar and comfortable with any “famous” person? 
Do you sometimes forget that other people hold them in awe? 
Read Mark 6.  Would you say you’ve become too familiar with Jesus?
What are some biblical examples of God or Jesus doing miracles in spite of people’s unbelief?
Read Mark 6.  Have you ever been amazed that people don’t believe in Jesus despite the evidence? 
Do you sometimes display amazing lack of trust in Jesus?

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