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Coming to God Empty Handed
September 26, 2021

Coming to God Empty Handed

September 26, 2021


Coming to God Empty-handed

Following The Servant

Mark 10:13-16


The disciples considered children to be an annoying distraction. However, Jesus valued children so highly because they model what it takes for someone to come to God.  They know what it is to be humble and dependent.  We’re not to be like the Pharisees, having pride in ourselves and our own righteousness, but to be like children: humble ourselves, acknowledge our sin, and put our complete trust and dependence in God.


  1. Jesus children (v. 14)



Some of Jesus’ miracles involving children:

  • The nobleman’s little son (John 4:46-54)
  • The “only son” on the man at the Mt. of Transfiguration (Mark 9:14-29)
  • The little girl to whom Jesus said, “Little lamb, get up.”Mark 5:41)


Children come to God


Three of the most significant ways you communicate love to your children:

  • Eye contact
  • Appropriate physical touch
  • Focused attention                   -from “How to Really Love Your Child” by Ross Campbell



  1. Jesus affirms and respects the of children. (v. 15)


The Wordless Book


  • Our hearts are black with sin (Romans 3:23).
  • Jesus’ precious (red) blood washes away our sin (John 3:16)
  • And makes it whiter than snow (Isaiah 1:18)
  • And the promise of living eternally with Jesus in Heaven,

where the streets are paved with gold (John 14:2, 3)



  1. Jesus elevates the of children (v. 15)  


No one will get into the Kingdom of God unless he or she receives God’s salvation .


There are two things this means:


  • Children are .



The kingdom of heaven is for the , not the entitled and self-righteous. 



  • Children expect to be



What the cross does it to show us we’re valued !



Daily Meditations


Memory verse: “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”  Mark 10:15



Read Mark 10:13-16.  What do children do that demonstrates they’re sinners?




How do they show they are both trusting and dependent?





Read Mark 10:13-16.  What reasons might some people have today for ‘restricting the access’ of children to Jesus?




Who among non-Christians and Christians might suggest that children shouldn’t be brought to church? Why?





Read Mark 10:13-16.  What opportunities do you have to bring your children or grandchildren to Jesus? to bring other children?




How can you participate and assist in these ministries?





Read Mark 10:13-16.  How can we apply Jesus’ attitude toward little children to . . .


our attitude toward God?




our regard for children?





Read Mark 10:13-16.  Contrast the social status of a little child with the status and power of the wealthy young man in the next section (see 10:13–22).




What point might Mark be trying to make in recording these two episodes back-to-back?





Read Mark 10:13-16.  If you didn’t have the opportunity to reflect on all the questions above, go back and spend time answering the ones you didn’t get to. 

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