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Beginning with a Miracle
November 29, 2020

Beginning with a Miracle

November 29, 2020

Beginning with a Miracle

Portraits of Jesus

Matthew 1:18-25

1. __________________ by God Himself (v.20)

He is the God who accomplishes all that we need, even as he is the man who understands all that we need and provides all that we need.

Bryan Chapell

2. The ___________ of Jesus points toward  _________________ (v.21)

It includes much more than the mere pardon of individual wrongs; it indicates that the barrier between God and people has been removed.

Barclay M.  Newman

3. Complete redemption  _____________________ in Jesus (v.23)

Things impossible with men are possible with God. John Wesley died with that upon his tongue, and let us live with it upon our hearts.—“The best of all is God with us.”

C.H. Spurgeon

Daily Meditations

Memory verse:  Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel” (which means, God with us).

Matthew 1:23


Read Matthew 1:18-25.  Why do you think the Matthew’s narrative includes what he includes? What seems important for his readers to understand?


How important is the “virgin birth”?


Read Matthew 1:18-25. Was there anything inherently better or important about Mary or Joseph to understand why God chose them?

Why would Joseph consider leaving Mary? Why is his response merciful?

Joseph was open to the words of the angel, even in a situation where he knew he was in the right, this showed a great amount of wisdom, where in your life do you need to continue to listen for the wisdom of God?


Read Matthew 1:18-25 in a different translation or paraphrase.*

The name Jesus (Joshua) has significance for a few major bible characters, one is Joshua who led the Israelites to conquer the promised land, how could this be significant in understand Jesus Christ? 

How can you take comfort in Jesus Christ as your savior today?


Read Matthew 1:18-25. Jesus means, “God is Savior”, why is this name significant for Jesus Christ?

In what ways was Jesus the savior? How many ways can you name the Jesus has saved people or yourself? (i.e. guilt, power of sin, consequence of sin)


Read Matthew 1:18-25 in a foreign language if you’re able.* What is your first response to reading Jesus being also called “Emmanuel”? 

In what way is Jesus the greatest fulfillment of “God with us”?

Read Isaiah 7:14 an 9:6, how do you see these prophecies encouraging you in your walk with Christ this week? In what ways do you see Christ as Emmanuel in your daily walk?


Finish any devotions you may have missed and then spend some time today reading over and working on memorizing this week’s memory verse and make a list of ten friends who don’t know Christ you can pray for.    

*Go to or download the YouVersion app on your Bible

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