Cimarron Church of the Nazarene
February 2, 2020


February 2, 2020

The spiritual equivalent of limbo is being .

Humble Definition: having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.

We need to view life through the correct lens.  There are two to choose from:

  • Lens
  • Lens

The earthly lens is pretty simple: I am better than that person because…….(it’s a long list of possibilities)

When we see things through an lens this is what happens:

  • Arguing
  • Hatred

Looking through an earthly lens isn’t how are called to live.

Philippians 2:3-8

Paul tells us to be like Jesus. This is the Kingdom lens:

  • To think of others than yourselves
  • To take on the of a servant

John 13:12-17

Jesus us what being humble looks like.

When we lack humility, is the sin.

  • Pride is a big for some.
  • Pride is more for others.

James 4:1-9

The Plan from James 4

  • Choose Over Worldly Desires
  • Seek God’s Will – Not Personal Motives
  • Off The Devil – Draw Close to God
  • Purify Your Heart – Be Forgiven
  • Be Sorrowful For
  • Humble Yourself Before God

If that’s too many things to put in practice do this: Yourself of Yourself

Philippians 3:3-8

Paul took everything that he thought made him who he was and considered it .  For Paul, knowing Jesus was more important.

To be humble, is to take everything of the world that has somehow worked its way into your and consider those things worthless next to know Jesus.

God Requires us to be .

Micah 6:8 “And this is what God requires of you: To do what is right, To Love Mercy, and To walk humbly with your God.

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