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The Dirty Dozen: Nathanael the Known
June 20, 2021

The Dirty Dozen: Nathanael the Known

June 20, 2021

Nathanael the Known

Series: The Dirty Dozen — Week #6

June 20, 2021

Dr. Clayton Chisum

Today, we meet another disciple who was evidently caught up in a false reality, but when he met Jesus, his world was turned upside down.

Philip, while in the middle of his search for the Messiah, was actually found by the Messiah — the Lord Jesus. Today we meet Philip’s friend — the guy he immediately went and found and shared the Good News to and his name is Nathanael.

John 1:43–51 (ESV)


Philip is found by Jesus and he is changed! He immediately wants to tell somebody- and the first person he went to was his friend, Nathanael.

John 1:45–46 (ESV)

#1: My and don’t scare God.


#2: When God looks at me, .

John 1:47–48 (ESV)

Jesus knew Nathanael’s heart, just as He knows what is in every heart.

Jeremiah 1:4–5 (ESV)

God has already been working in your life, long before you knew about it, always pulling you closer and working on your heart.

Psalm 139:7–10 (ESV)

How does this man know me? Because He is God. And He can see into our hearts. He notices the smallest details of our lives.

As a true Israelite, Nathanael did not just read the Word of God, he lived it. He was a man who feared God, a man of integrity. His heart gave a singular testimony to God.

Jesus does not focus on what we were. He focuses on what we can become.

1 Corinthians 6:9–11 (ESV)

With all your faults. With all your sin. With all your doubts and questions. You can still be a disciple.

Why? Because something great did come out of Nazareth – Jesus the Son of God.



John 1:49–51 (ESV)

Jesus responds with hope, not condemnation.

God’s message to me through Nathanael:

  1. When I back (v 49)
  2. When I his promises (v 50)
  3. When I am —  to Jesus’ words (v 51)

Nathanael the .

God knows you. How profound. How scary. How wonderful.

Check your heart. How is it? God can see it. It’s what matters. We too often focus and work on our deeds and appearance, and neglect the heart — but the Word of God says that He searches your heart.



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