Central Baptist Church of Owasso
Our Imperfect Family: I Choose You
April 25, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Genesis 2:24-25

Our Imperfect Family: I Choose You

April 25, 2021 / Genesis 2:24-25


Sermon Series: Our Imperfect Family

Matt Flindt

April 25, 2021

Genesis 2:24-25 

Within these verses, God created four laws to help guide us in our marriages. The enemy tries to feed us lies that contradict each of God’s laws for a healthy marriage.

Law #1: The Law of

Verse 24: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother…”

The word leave in Hebrew means to loosen or relinquish

Lie #1: Looking Out for Number One

“I will look out for myself and allow other things to become a priority in my life.”


Law #2: The Law of

Verse 24: “…and shall cleave unto his wife” (KJV)

The word cleave in Hebrew means to pursue with great energy and to cling to something zealously.

Lie #2: Meeting My Needs

“If my spouse cannot meet my needs, I will get my needs met in other ways.”


Law #3: The Law of

Verse 24: “And they became one flesh…”

The obvious reference to one flesh is the sexual union, but the law of partnership also involves trust and intimacy. The true litmus test for the law of partnership is when everything you and your spouse owns is shared jointly.

Lie #3: Keeping Secrets

“Keeping secrets and not sharing is a way to protect myself from being hurt.”

Three questions to gauge whether you and your spouse are in a true partnership:

  • Am I completely surrendered to my spouse?
  • Is there something I am holding back and not sharing with my spouse?
  • Am I controlling my spouse and not treating them as an equal?


Law #4: The Law of

Verse 25: “And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.”

This is not just referring to physical nakedness, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual nakedness.

Lie #4: Keeping Score

“I will keep score when I have been hurt and use it against my spouse to get even.”


What steps can you take today to improve the health of your marriage?

Surrender your life to Christ. If you do not know Christ as your personal Savior, you will not have the power of the Holy Spirit to help guide you and bring you and your spouse together as God designed marriage to do.

Fully commit to your spouse. If you are with your spouse right now, commit to this statement: “I chose you and I would choose you again and again.”

For resources to help strengthen your marriage, go to www.cbcowasso.org/marriage.

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