Evangelical Free Church of Canton
The Security of God’s Word
September 19, 2021

The Security of God’s Word

September 19, 2021

Icebreaker: What is the craziest thing that someone asked you (or dared you) to do and you did? If you can’t think of anything, answer this- When was a time that you were the most scared you have ever been? Why were you frightened and what brought peace to you?

Read Joshua 8:1-9

  • Why would Joshua have reason to fear in verse 1? (Discuss Joshua 7 for reference)
  • Application: (read John 15) What excuses to we make for not abiding in Christ? In what ways do we convince ourselves that we are abiding in Christ when we aren’t? Why shouldn’t we be surprised by anxiety and fear when we choose not to abide in Christ?

Read Joshua 8:24-29

  • What is the reason that we often struggle to read/understand sections of scripture like this?
  • Application: What does this section reveal about God’s attitude towards sin? What correlations can we make to Christ from this passage? What is our general attitude towards sin (not spoken, but lived attitude)?

Read Joshua 8:30-35

  • What is significant about these verses and their location after the recounting of the last two chapters?
  • Application: Where are we most prone to lose sight of God’s word in our day to day lives? How does this threaten both our horizontal and vertical relationships?


Take this time to share specific prayer needs around your group (or journal some prayer focal points if you are alone). Spend at least 10 minutes in prayer over these things and others as they come to mind.


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