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Sin’s Destructive Power
September 12, 2021

Sin’s Destructive Power

September 12, 2021

Icebreaker: Where have you seen the ripple effect of sin in your life or the life of those around you? (This can be past or present in nature.)

Read Joshua 7:1

  • Why did God put such an emphasis on the people not taking any of the plunder from Jericho? (Read Joshua 6:16-18 for reference)
  • Application: What has God biblically limited or forbidden for our benefit as followers of Christ?

Read Joshua 7:2-13

  • Discuss Joshua’s lament with God’s rebuke. How else might have Joshua responded when Israel failed in battle? What does God’s rebuke reveal about God’s desire for His people?
  • Application: In what ways can we focus our lament wrongly when life takes a turn we are not expecting?

Read Joshua 7:14-26

  • What stands out to you most about this section of the narrative?
  • Application: What are some real time gospel implications for us from this section? (Read Romans 5:12-21 & Romans 6:20-23 for reference)


Utilize the prayer time to confess sin. While this may be challenging for your it is important that we recognize the long term harm that can come to not only us, but also those around us when we live in unrepentant sin. If appropriate, take some time to journal these confessions and share with someone close to you. (Read and remind yourself and others of 1 John 1:9)


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