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The Power of One
March 7, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Esther 4:1-17

The Power of One

March 7, 2021 / Esther 4:1-17

Too often we find ourselves in situations in which everybody knows that somebody needs to do something about an issue, but nobody does.  Mordecai is going to challenge Esther to be that “somebody.” If we are going to make an impact on this world for Jesus Christ, we have to realize the power that one person has to make a difference.  For that one person to be you or me, we have to make a choice between several options that unfold in Esther 4.

I. Sorrow or ? (1-9)

  • Pandemonium takes over as news circulates of the sentence that awaits the Jews in 11 months.
  • Our sin never just affects us as individuals. Nobody sins on an island to .
  • Mordecai does more than just . He goes to the king’s gate and tries to get word to Esther. He tries to the situation.
  • Sometimes all we do is weep, we don’t . We are full of sorrow, but we don’t have a solution. We often resign ourselves to the fact that the situations around us are .

II. Isolation or ? (4)

  • All the Jews in the entire empire know about the decree and are weeping. But Esther has what is going on. 
  • How many of us are so from the hurting and of the world?
  • We believe in our that heaven and hell exist, but that truth doesn’t anything in our lives to change or to become more passionate for the gospel.

III. Fear or ? (10-12)

  • Mordecai tells Esther to use her as queen to plead for mercy from the king on behalf of her people.
  • In response, Esther reacts with and fear. 
  • There have been many times that many of us have been fearful and to seize opportunities the Lord has given us.
  • Fear is an most of us have used for not standing up for God.

IV. Passivity or ? (13-17)

  • Mordecai looks at the Jews’ and Esther’s position and throws in the light of God’s and it’s all clear.
  • This is not tragedy or accident or randomness!  The reason she is in such a position is for a higher
  • We tend to sit around and think about our or disqualifications rather than God’s sufficient and empowerment.
  • We should all be asking, “What work does God have especially for me to do because He has allowed me to be alive at this time?”
  • The we are, the positions we hold, and the we are with have been entrusted to us for the purpose of gospel advancement.
  • Do you live with that sense of divine ?

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