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The Illustration of Faith
August 9, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Galatians 3:6-14

The Illustration of Faith

August 9, 2020 / Galatians 3:6-14

We’ve been talking about justification by faith for awhile now. It’s under attack in the churches of Galatia. To prove his point, sometimes Paul puts on boxing gloves and fights back. Sometimes he bases it off his own credentials and experiences with Jesus receiving the grace gospel. Sometimes, he plants his feet firmly in logic. Sometimes, he takes a real-life situation between himself and Peter and James and makes his case. Sometimes, he just points to the cross. Sometimes, he interrogates the believers to get them to turn their brain on. And sometimes, he uses their own patriarch Abraham as an illustration of faith!

I. The of Abraham (6)

  • The Jewish people are very of their relationship to Abraham. He was the man!
  • Paul quotes from Genesis 15:6 so it’s important to understand the of what was happening.
  • God put Abraham and made the covenant Himself.
  • Abraham did everything right – he where he was supposed to go.  He from people.  He the right fights.  He money that God told him to give….but NONE of that is what gave Abraham proper standing before God.

II. The of Abraham (7-9)

  • Abraham didn’t anything; he something.
  • “God has no .”
  • Those who have are the true sons of Abraham.
  • Nobody acts more like Abraham than the person who is exercising faith. 

III. The of Law (10-12)

  • If do not keep all the law, you are under a .
  • The law is not a religious where people can pick and choose. (James 2:10)
  • The system is contrary to the system. 
  • There’s no way Abraham could be justified by the law because it was given years later.

IV. The of Christ (13-14)

  • I have to trust the One who took my curse upon Himself – Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus died to me. (Romans 5:8)
  • Jesus died to me.

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