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The Identity of Faith
August 23, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Galatians 3:26-29

The Identity of Faith

August 23, 2020 / Galatians 3:26-29

Galatians 3 has been challenging since it covers many history lessons from Israel in the Old Testament. So far, we have looked at Paul’s interrogation of faith, then the illustration of faith from Abraham, and the importance of faith have priority over the Law of Moses.  Now, with a difficult journey behind us, we can appreciate some simple and practical truths that spring from these powerful doctrinal truths.  This message is called The Identity of Faith and describes how faith breaks down racial boundaries because all are equal in Christ.

I. Faith in Christ affects our pedigree. (26)

  • Faith in Christ changes my family status.
  • Once you believe in Jesus Christ, you are forever a son of God.
  • Notice that Paul does not say we are sons of God by our works or by keeping the law.
  • Your most important distinction is who you are as a child of God and your identity in Christ.

II. Faith in Christ affects our position. (27)

  • Two illustrations are given: baptism and putting on new clothes.
  • Rather than water baptism, the text is about the baptism of the Spirit.
  • The baptism of the Spirit puts us in the body of Christ and links us with His death, burial, and resurrection so that I am clothed in the righteousness of Jesus.
  • In Bible culture, when you matured from childhood to adulthood, you literally put on a change of clothes. 
  • There is only one way to be cleansed and clothed with Jesus Christ and that is for the Holy Spirit to do a positional work for you and that will only occur when you believe on Jesus Christ. 

III. Faith in Christ affects our prejudice. (28-29)

  • All of us have an equality of sinfulness; but when we believe on Jesus Christ we all have an equality of righteousness.
  • Regardless of sin, skin color, gender, race, handicap, past, religion, occupation, or denomination, any and all who believe on Jesus Christ are new in the family of God.
  • Faith in Jesus Christ brings about a new non-discriminatory status that no social group could ever give.
  • “It’s not the elevation of place, nor the pride of race, nor the beauty of face, but the calling of grace which makes the man.”
  • The most effective antidote to racism is the gospel.  
  • In Christ, there are no racial lines.  

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