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The Burden Bearer
November 22, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Galatians 5:26-6:5:

The Burden Bearer

November 22, 2020 / Galatians 5:26-6:5:

One of the ways that we determine whether we are walking by the Spirit or walking according to the flesh is in our relationships. In the flesh, we bite and devour one another (15). In the Spirit, the result is supposed to be that we serve one another in love (13). The fruit of the Spirit being lived out by you and me should create a lot of harmony in the body of Christ. One who is controlled by the Spirit is going to properly relate to others in several ways which are laid out here. What are the characteristics of a Spirit-filled burden bearer?

I. A person that is not full of . (26)

  •  The Galatian believers had become very in their spiritual life, attempting to outdo each other. 
  • If walking in the Spirit puts you on a horse and makes you look your nose at people, you’re doing it wrong!

II. A person that reaches out with . (1)

  • If you really are spiritual, this is how you would respond to a believer struggling in .
  • The word overtaken carries the idea of being , so it is not a case of deliberate disobedience.
  • A church is a family. You need a family to for you spiritually.
  • Do you have a for straying church members and believers?
  • The word translated “restore” here is a medical term in Greek. It’s the word used to describe setting a broken bone or dislocated joint.
  • God wants us to be ready to , not judge one another.

III. A person that responds with . (2)

  • The first scenario is the case of a sinning brother or sister. The second case is a brother or sister. 
  • Tragedy, sorrow, disappointment, depression, and grief will eventually visit the house of every person.
  • There are some times in the Christian life when you need some help with various loads in life.
  • The idea is that we are to lift heavy off of people that they are struggling to carry.
  • There are many different kinds of that weigh people down.

IV. A person that is honest about their . (3-5)

  • One reason why some don’t bear others’ burdens is because they think they are at some spiritual level people so they don’t need to help.  
  • It takes humility to bear burdens, and by the way, it takes humility to let people you have burdens you need help with. It takes and vulnerability.
  • Psalm 55:22 “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”
  • Some burdens only the Lord can help us with. is our great burden bearer.
  • Our goal then becomes…(1) Make me (verse 2) and (2) Make me (verse 3).

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