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The Bad Samaritan (Part 2)
August 22, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
John 4:7-26

The Bad Samaritan (Part 2)

August 22, 2021 / John 4:7-26

 Last week, we saw a momentous confrontation between Jesus and an unnamed, adulterous, Samaritan woman. In verse 7, Jesus broke three traditional taboos. First, He was talking to a Samaritan. The centuries old hatred of the Jews for the mixed race of Samaritans meant that even talking to one was unthinkable. Second, Jesus was talking to a woman – and not just that, she was a woman of a bad reputation. Culturally, there was little to no interaction between men and women. Marriages were arranged so you didn’t even need to talk to a woman or a man to get to know them. There was no speed dating! Yet Jesus is speaking to a woman in public. By the way, it would be the gospel and Christianity that would lead the way in giving women equal value and recognize the dignity of womanhood. Third, Jesus is asking her for water. To drink after a Samaritan or to use their dishes would be to share in their impurity. Jesus puts all that aside because a soul is at stake and He begins a dialogue with this woman about her deepest need.

I. A Momentous (3-6)

II. A Marvelous (7-15)

  • There is something refreshing about being with people who are but who are real and transparent.
  • He uses a common, everyday illustration to help her understand a reality.
  • Every man and woman is thirsty. We are each looking for something to what is missing in our soul.
  • People who are the most in need of salvation do two things: they focus their lives on the , the here and now, and they the spiritual.
  • Without Jesus Christ, you can’t get any satisfaction no matter how hard you try.
  • It starts with a conversation.

III. A Meaningful (16-26)

  • There can be no without conviction. 
  • Without a recognition of sin, is meaningless.
  • If you are going to be right with God, you will have to stop seeing yourself as a , God-fearing person and see yourself as God sees you – as a sinner who has far short of the glory of God.
  • It is much more to discuss religion than to face one’s sins!
  • Here is the only thing you need to do to be saved. in Him, place your faith in Jesus Christ.

IV. A Miraculous (25, 28-29)

  • When you consider how little spiritual truth this woman knew, her zeal and witness put us to . She left her waterpot! 
  • Jesus Christ is the only One who can bring you into an acceptable with God.
  • “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” Only can satisfy.

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