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Made for This Moment
May 16, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Esther 9-10:

Made for This Moment

May 16, 2021 / Esther 9-10:

God doesn’t take center stage in the book of Esther, but He is certainly at work behind the scenes. We can’t see His entire hand, but we can notice traces of His fingerprints. There are many times in our lives when it seems God is nowhere to be found. There are times when it seems like God is letting things happen to you and me that He wouldn’t allow if He loved us and cared about us. But there is a term for God’s invisible control. That term is His providence, His unseen hand at work. We need to wrap up the closing details of this story and then look at some closing principles. Chapter 9 is all about two important events.

I. The (1-16)

  • The of the Jews was over before it started.
  • From our perspective, there was drama and suspense and doubt, but God was never in a .

II. The (17-32)

  • The institute the Feast of Purim because they never wanted to forget the that God had brought.
  • When God delivers you, you !
  • We are prone to forget God’s to us.

III. The

  • of the Providence of God.
  • There are no in life.
  • God is in charge of our when, , and what in the same way He was for Esther and Mordecai.
  • This truth the Christian life because we don’t need to despair or be discouraged or abandon hope.
  • in the Purposes of God.
  • The providence of God is not just a matter of and trusting.  It’s a matter of resolve.
  • It’s about something where God has you now.
  • The Christian life calls us to pick up a cross, not a
  • Acts 20:22-24
  • What “made for this moment” opportunity is God calling you to take?

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