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Facing Storms with Faith and Joy
November 7, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
John 6:15-21

Facing Storms with Faith and Joy

November 7, 2021 / John 6:15-21

The multitudes recognize Him as a good option for a king, but they do not recognize that He is the King of Kings. They viewed Jesus as a good ruler because He multiplied food and fed them. Jesus knew this was their motivation so He told the crowd to go home, told the disciples to get in a boat, and He departed up to the mountain to pray and rest.  Let’s look at several principles that will help us all face our storms with faith and joy.

I.  Storms are a part of our journey.

  • Every believer here has at some point said to themselves: “ do I have to go through this storm?”
  • They are in this storm because of their not disobedience.  
  • Your life and my life is a divine call to a divine journey for a divine .
  • Storms will teach us about God that we will never learn anywhere else.

II.  Just keep .

  • They are experienced fishermen and they know you can’t just sit there and let the storm you, you have to keep rowing.
  • Keep doing what God has you to do and what you know you should do.
  • Stay in the , stay in the church, stay in the job, and stay in the .

III.  Jesus to show up.

  •  Aren’t you glad that Jesus meets you in the of your storm?
  • Jesus says to them. “It is I; be not afraid.”
  • We have an accurate realization, and it leads to an appropriate response.
  • The of Jesus calms their fears.

IV. Jesus into the boat.

  • The disciples received Him into the ship. 
  • They just witnessed a great miracle in the feeding of the multitudes, but they didn’t the great truths they knew about Jesus into their own personal lives.
  • We marvel that He can walk on water, and yet somehow still He’ll be able to work in our lives.
  • Jesus wants to develop our faith not when things are settled, but when things are stormy.

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