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Equal With God
September 19, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
John 5:16-30

Equal With God

September 19, 2021 / John 5:16-30

The Pharisees had so twisted the law that it was even unlawful to perform a compassionate act of mercy on the Sabbath, even if Jesus was the one doing it. They hated Jesus for doing this and their verdict was that Jesus must die (verse 18). Their persecution of Jesus is now out in the open. The process is beginning that will end with Him on the cross. Why did they want Him to die? Because He had made Himself equal with God. The amazing part is that Jesus gives a speech that agrees with the prosecution! They accuse Him of saying He is equal with God and He says, “Yes, I am!”

I.  Jesus holds a only God can have. (16-22)

  • Everything Jesus does is perfectly in with God the Father.
  • If God has to work on the Sabbath, then Jesus does as well.
  • There is perfect between the three persons of the Godhead.
  • Jesus can do God can do.

II. Jesus receives only God deserves. (23)

  • To worship God is to Jesus, and to worship Jesus is to worship God.
  • You cannot honor God if you do not honor .
  • Yet, people all over the world want God Jesus.
  • The Jews did not want to kill Jesus because He was a good person, but because He to be God.

III. Jesus has only God can claim. (24-30)

  • Christ can give to anyone who believes in Him for life.
  • God is your , but He has given that role to Jesus. (verse 27)

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