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Call Your Next Witness
October 10, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
John 5:31-47

Call Your Next Witness

October 10, 2021 / John 5:31-47

There is a legal precedent that goes all the way back to the Mosaic Law of the Old Testament and continues to the legal system today, and that is in the mouth of two or three witnesses, a matter is
established. That’s what Jesus means in verse 31 when He says that if He bears witness of Himself, it is not true. What He means is that it is not legally provable. His testimony is reliable, but not necessarily provable. In order to have validity, a testimony must have supporting witnesses. Jesus calls to the witness stand 5 more to testify on His behalf.

I.  The Witness of the Baptist (32-35)

  • There was a national over this man. He was clearly in their minds a fulfillment of a crying in the wilderness (Isaiah 40:3).
  • He said, “I am not Jesus .” (John 1:20) John bore to the truth concerning Jesus Christ.
  • John people to Jesus.

II. The Witness of (36)

  • Isaiah repeatedly he declares that, when the Messiah comes, the blind will see, the will hear, and the lame will for joy.
  • If He like the Messiah, and like the Messiah, and does and miracles that were prophesied that only the Messiah could do, He must be the Messiah.  He must be .

III. The Witness of the Father (37-38)

  • God the Father gave testimony and testimony to the deity of Jesus Christ.

IV. The Witness of the (39–44)

  • They knew the of Scripture, but refused its truth.
  • If you read the Bible and don’t recognize Jesus as God, you have completely the point.
  • Some think the Bible is a book of ancient .
  • Others think the Bible is a book full of moralistic .
  • Then there is the driver’s approach.
  • Finally, others subscribe to the idea that the Bible is full of codes.
  • The Bible is the story of how God loves us and sends someone to rescue us from our sin.

V. The Witness of (45-47)

  • Moses gave the law so that the people would realize their failure and inability to earn God’s salvation and look for God’s .  Moses never taught that the Law was an end in itself.
  • Look at the evidence and listen to the witnesses. It’s almost like you’d have to be completely to not see it.
  • You love God if you refuse to to Jesus Christ as God.

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