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An Allegory of the Gospel
September 27, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Galatians 4:21-31

An Allegory of the Gospel

September 27, 2020 / Galatians 4:21-31

Paul indicates, in a nice way (verse 11), that he thinks he has wasted his time among them. Since they have been saved by grace, their returning to the Law is the same as returning to their former idolatry. The Galatians had been listening to false teachers, and they were looking upon Paul as an enemy because he told them the truth (16). Paul senses that he hasn’t made his point yet, so he will now approach the matter with another illustration from the Old Testament. Paul essentially says, “Let’s have a Bible study. Open your Bibles to Genesis chapter 16.” It’s time to pull out Abraham again as an allegory of the gospel.

I. The (21-23)

  • One son was born to , another son was born to .
  • Using an illustration from the life of Abraham (Genesis 16-21), Paul is going to make a contrast between these two boys.
  • Hagar’s son was – His name means “wild man” and from him comes the Arab nation.  He represents  law and which enslave us in sin.
  • Sarah’s son was – His name means “laughter” and from him comes the Jewish nation.  He represents faith and which sets us free.

II. The (24-27)

  • Ishmael was born into a system of , which was Abraham’s fleshly attempt to fulfill the plan of God by his own works and own efforts.
  • Isaac was born into a system of as a result of the promise of God.
  • Ishmael and Hagar = slave, law, works, bondage, fleshly, self-effort to make one right with God.
  • Isaac and Sarah = free, faith, promise, grace, totally trusting in God’s promise of life regardless of what you feel.

III. The (27-29)

  • Any Jew would have been offended by the suggestion that he was a son of Hagar. Yet, that is exactly what Paul stated. Yes, physically they descended from Sarah, but spiritually, apart from faith in Christ, they descended from Hagar. The true sons of Sarah, “like Isaac, are children of promise.”
  • True believers are like an aged Abraham and Sarah and they realize there is they can do, in and of themselves, to save themselves. They totally on God’s grace to save them.
  • The problem is, these two systems are not and do not get along. True grace believers like Isaac will be by law-keepers like Ishmael.
  • The statement in verse 29 is not only true historically and prophetically, but it is also true spiritually.
  • When you start to live radically by grace, it will you.  The natural man hates the gospel of the grace of God.

IV. The (30-31)

  • God commanded the expulsion of the bondwoman and her son (Gen. 21:10).
  • Abraham could not have both the son of Hagar and the son of Sarah. He had to make a choice.
  • All this means we have to make a choice. has to make a choice.  
  • True grace believers must get of any law efforts.
  • We must separate from this way of thinking and sincerely desire for Christ to be in us.

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