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Whoever Believes Has Eternal Life
March 13, 2022

Whoever Believes Has Eternal Life

March 13, 2022

Whoever Believes  John 6:41-51

The Jews were in  

The reason: Jesus said that He was the bread that came down from

The Incarnation: Jesus is completely God and perfectly  

(You should leave a church if the pastor does not believe in the humanity of Jesus)

The disbelief of the people doesn’t seem to take into account all of the remarkable things about Jesus that his claim

John 6:44

The word “Draws”

These do not believe because the Father is not them

Sometimes the word “draw” here is translated as “woo” 

The word Draw means to draw or drag by force and can be either literal or figurative 

“is so straightforward in its language that it has always been a battleground between those who are willing to accept the doctrine of election here taught by Christ and those who resist it on rational or humanist grounds. It was discussed by Augustin and Pelagius, by Calvin and Arminius, by Luther and Erasmus.” James Boice 

Erasmas — God’s Drawing is like putting carrots in front of a donkey 

“The ungodly does not come even when he hears the word unless the Father draws and teaches him inwardly; which he does by shedding abroad his Spirit. When that happens, there follows a drawing other than that which is outward; Christ is then displayed by the enlightening of the Spirit, and by it man is rapt into Christ with the sweetest rapture, he being passive while God speaks, teaches and draws, rather than seeking or running himself.” Martin Luther

Keyword: Passive

John 21:6,11

Acts 16:19

John 18:10

“There is NOT one example in the New Testament of the use of this verb where the resistance is successful. Always the drawing power is triumphant.” Leon Morris

This shouldn’t be discouraging!

Illustration: What makes a good work a “good work”? 

Effectual Call: The inward drawing/calling by God himself to Himself

Isaiah 54:13

Illustration: The Lord’s Timing 

The Order of Salvation: Regeneration/New Birth proceeds Faith/Belief 

Illustration: Soldiers on the Battlefield 

The Invitation (47-51)

Jesus stresses this point (truly, truly) because it is an invitation to believe

How do you know if you are being drawn? 

When life is difficult or Jesus’ words are difficult — will you turn to him in belief or will you turn away? 




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