True Worship

May 30, 2021   /   Bethel Church

True Worship – John 4:20-26

We do not get to decide how God is to be

Job 38

The has no right to the creator 

The creature has to tell the Creator how the creator is to be worshiped by the creature.

Freedom becomes an to care for our own interests at the expense of others

Deuteronomy 6:4-9

In the Old Testament, things were set up one could not the one true God unless they were a .

Philippians 3 — True believers “Glory in Christ Jesus”, “Put not in the flesh”, and Worship the Spirit of God.” 

Worship is never disconnected from

Three “MUSTS”: 

John 3:7

John 3:14

John 4:23: MUST worship him in spirit and truth

What does God require in Worship?


We worship what is true of God — what he has about Himself

What we about God is of the greatest importance

When the church’s understanding of God, in any way loses ,  not only does worship suffer, but moral standards .

wrong thinking about God is

If God is seen as our “buddy then and are usually missing

Worshiping God in Truth cannot be from the Word of God

In the Spirit

The idea here has to do with the of our being

Outward may or may not be worship 

CS Lewis: The Best church service is the one we least notice

Acts 16 — the of worship

The central reality in worship is that we are seeking God but that He is us (John 4:23).

Worship is Centered around the person and work of Jesus Christ 

Revelation 5


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