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The Third Miracle
August 15, 2021

The Third Miracle

August 15, 2021

John 5:1-9

God helps those who help themselves or God helps those who are unable to help themselves? 

God helps the who are to help themselves

Why does John include this miracle?

A. It marked the start of the toward Jesus on the part of the Jewish leadership

B. It is an illustration of how Jesus came to save those who are  

A Pool Called Bethesda 

Bethesda means “House of ” 

The Blind – Lame – and Paralyzed 

The textual variant: Verse 3b-4 were most likely that were added into some later manuscript copies 

The scene of all these invalids around this pool is a dramatization of the helpless and hopeless c of humanity

invalids are people that are too or powerless to help themselves 

Romans 5:6

It is for us to please God

Spiritually Blind

Nicodemus — no person can the kingdom of God unless they are

John 9:38

2 Corinthians 4:4

Spiritually Lame

John 6:44

Spiritually Paralyzed 

Romans 7:18

The Grace of God

“Do you want to get well”

Jesus is our only

Our hope is in Christ — not in 

  “I cannot pray, except I sin; I cannot preach, but I sin; I cannot administer, nor receive the holy sacrament, but I sin. My very repentance needs to be repented of, and the tears I shed need washing in the blood of Christ.” William Beveridge




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